Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Diesel Eyes

A couple of weeks ago we had to make a quick trip to the mall to pick up a few odds and ends before Tim went out of town on a trip. After we had amassed our goods, we took Liam down to the small indoor playground that they have there. He loves this place and would do almost anything for a fix, so we couldn't leave without a quick stop over.

On the way down the steps from the second floor to the first, we heard a baby crying. Liam quickly asked what was wrong. We told him we didn't know and this ladies and genlteman is not what I expected to hear back. Liam said, maybe she threw up in her mouth a little?? Umm...okay...that might make me cry a bit too.

Then, he found a little girl there that was into "chase" just as much as him. So they chased and chased until they couldn't chase anymore and then he stopped, looked her sqyuare in the eyes and said, "My daddy has a pipe wrench. I have one too!"

Oh me, oh my...is that a toddler pick-up line?

I think it might be, because just yesterday he told me I have "beautiful diesel eyes". Lightening McQueen would be so proud!


  1. This is DEFINITELY my son.



  2. Uh oh - future Casanova? Very cute.

  3. @ Minivan Mama: And he has eyelashes that go on for dayyyys. I am so in trouble.


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