Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nutella {Mommy Parties}

{Mom Select/BSM Media provided me the opportunity to participate in a "Mommy Parties" that was sponsored by Nutella hazelnut spread.}

We are so blessed to have developed great friendships with the couples from our childbirth classes many moons ago. For the first year after our children were born our hospital sponsored a luncheon where new mothers could come together and support one another, it was fabulous. After that our group decided that the tradition of getting together for lunch, letting the kids play and swapping valuable parent information was something we didn't want to give up. So, we continue to meet (almost 3 years after our kids were born) every other week at each others houses. It is a phenomenal resource for sharing activities, frustrations and accomplishments.

This past week I hosted a "breakfast for lunch" event at my house featuring the super-delicious Nutella. We had everything from strawberries, pears and bananas to pretzels, Nilla wafers and graham crackers and that was in addition to the waffles, pancakes and bagel thins that we had out for the main course.

One mom who was already familiar with Nutella exclaimed, "I love Nutella, I could bathe in it." Now if that isn't a ringing endorsement, I don't know what is. We all loved testing out the Nutella on the different kinds of snacks. Across the board the pancakes seemed to be the biggest hit. And, I love the idea of using the Nutella as a filler between two pancakes for a breakfast-style sandwich, especially on school days. I think it's a perfect on-the-go food for harried mornings and last minute snacks.

Since Nutella doesn't require refrigeration it's a great snack to bring along for picnics in the park. Or to keep tucked away for some Nutella covered strawberries as a surprise for your partner. Take that Valentine's Day!

We all really enjoyed our Nutella breakfast and the parents gobbled up the chocolate-y hazelnut goodness just as fast as the kids. I look forward to making this a part of special breakfasts for years to come.

[Disclosure:Mom Select/BSM Media and Nutella hazelnut spread provided me Nutella spread to review for test/review purposes and proved me and my guests with gift bags including coupons, sample product, recipes, tumbler mugs and a Nutella spreader. The opinions expressed in this review are mine and mine alone and were in no way influenced by Mom Select/BSM Media.]


  1. It was the first time I ever had nutella and it was oh so yummy!! Thank you! ~ Alisyne

  2. We just started eating Nuttella this year and we love it too. It is great with peanut butter on a sandwich and definitely on pancakes. -Riley

  3. Hi Alissa, I'm Alissa. I kept seeing your name on other blogs making comments. I kept thinking it was me, and it was you. :)

    I love Nuttella! We like it on banana bread! Sometimes I spread natural peanut butter on one side of toast, then spread Nuttella on the other side. YUMMY!

    Just thought I'd stop by and follow.

  4. That was great that your hospital did that! And look at the great friendships that came out of it!! I had the same bonding with some of the parent's from M's preschool & we try to get together as much as possible. Now, the Nutella on the other hand. You can keep it. The kids & I will not be able to experience it due to a life-threatening food allergy :( --Julia

  5. @Alisyne and Riley: It is delish! Glad you guys like it too.

  6. @ Alissa: Ooh that's fun that we both have the same name, blog AND spell it correctly. Grin.

    Warm banana bread and Nutella sounds too good to be true. We'll have to try it sometime.

  7. @ Julia: The luncheon is at Franklin Square and is open to all moms (regardless of where they delivered).

    We also had a little guy who couldn't try it due to allergies. But he had fun snacking on all the fruit and pretzels.


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