Thursday, February 3, 2011


Last week, Little Dude and I went out to a local fast food joint with a playground for lunch.

Not particulary note-worthy I know, but stay with me.

At this particular joint, they have a person who walks around once you are seated and refills your drinks, clears your tray, etc. Nice, but one of the women who works there is a little "off"--too friendly--something.

Anywho, Lil' Dude and I eat, go play in the playground and then come back out for a little ice cream before we head out. And, here "she" comes, plops down a soda and walks away. I frown, raise an eyebrow...Liam asks what's wrong? I tell him that that isn't our soda since I already have one and he has a lemonade and that we'll just have to let her know when she comes back by.

Meanwhile I must have daydreamed for a second, because she was cleaning a table right across from where we were sitting with her back to us and this is what I hear:

"HEEEYYYY! (like a NJ mafioso) LADDDDYY! 'Das! not! our! cup!"

(I. Could. Have. Died.)


  1. HA!! Gotta love the pure, unapologetic [and loud] voice of a little one.

  2. That is a riot...I'm sure you felt like shrinking under the table, but most people can "go with it" with things little kids say. Makes life so much more fun though, doesn't it!


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