Monday, January 17, 2011

No Fly Zone

Why didn't we fly home this past Christmas?

Why, oh why, did we drive across six states in under two weeks?

We will fly again with Liam as we we would like to take him out of the country as he gets a little older. But, for now the new "enhanced" security procedures have us grounded.

I can't make peace with teaching a 2-year-old that his "parts" are his own and that no one can touch them if he doesn't want them to. That no one other than mommy and daddy at diaper time and bath time should be any where near his "parts". And then in the next breath turn around and have security personnel at an airport poke and prod wherever they like.

Would that teach him that it's okay just at airports?

Or that it's okay if people in uniforms touch him without his permission?

Because no one in a position of power has ever abused it, right? (Ugh. We couldn't stomach it.)

Empowering him with control over his body is such an important lesson and one we didn't feel we could sacrifice, no matter the convenience. And, so this year Southwest lost our business, the vendors in the airport lost our business, the parking lot at the airport lost our business.

Will one family make a difference? No.

Will lots of families make a difference? I hope so.

We also feel strongly that these new "enhanced" measures only constitutes security theater. If someone wants to bring down a plane or a train or a building...I don't think this put even the slightest hitch in their giddyup.


  1. Wow. I don't think I've ever heard you be so "down" or negative. I agree, teaching your kids what's appropriate is difficult. But, you only got the "pat down" if you didn't go through the scanners. And I'm sure any attempt to try & prevent another 9/11 is better than nothing. They have found that if you have a "greeter" in the stores, it significantly reduces shoplifting. --Julia

  2. Whoa--I never thought of that. We haven't flown with Dean for over a year because he gets motion sick. This, however, is wonderful food for thought, and I happen to agree with you very strongly.

  3. To me, this feels like a complicated issue, but I love that you clearly feel strongly about it and are willing to speak up about your position loudly.

    Kudos and RESPECT to you. :)

  4. @ Julia: I can completely respect that there are varied positions on this issue. And, that for some security is more of priority than personal privacy. I have real issue with everyone being assumed to be a terrorist until proven otherwise via the Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) currently being used at airports.

    I feel that folks wanting to do harm via an airplane will find someone who works at an airport or perhaps develop a company who can serve as a vendor to an airport and work that angle or hide something in the parts of their body (inside) that are not visible in the AIT scanners.

    I also feel that there is a disconnect with travel security in that there is so much attention on airports and yet you can still bring all your bags onto a train without having you or your bags even minimally screened.

    There are also some scientists, like Dr. Michael Love you state that there may be some cancer risk related to the amount of radiation that is blasted at the skin since it is different than a traditional x-ray that goes thru to the bone. Link here:

    I really appreciate you commenting that you disagree. I have complete respect for that. :)

  5. @ Jen: It is worth looking into. I am bummed to hear that Dean gets motion sick. In my early 20's I started having trouble with motion sickness and it's no fun.

  6. @RealMommyChron: You are right. This is a complicated issue, there is so much more to it. As I hit publish I knew that I should have rounded out my position and used everything that we included in making our decision.

    I let myself feel rushed into posting since it's been so long since I posted. It's a good note for the future. :)

    And, even then there would still be so much more on the issue.

    Thanks for taking the time to stop by AND to comment too. I really appreciate it.

  7. As you know I am not a mom but I love all the thought you and Tim put into making your decision. I know it was hard to decide on the side of what it meant in terms of driving for hours on end but easy in that it meant the little dude would have a safe and uncomplicated holiday. Good for you.

  8. @ Lizzy: Thanks for the support.


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