Tuesday, January 11, 2011

5 Jobs

In the vein of keeping a good thing going, folks have really responded (commented) to both the 5 Things and 5 Words posts. So, I thought I'd toss this one out and see what you all have to say.

If money, time, education, etc. were all limitless--what 5 other jobs would you like to try?

Here's my list:

1) Skyscraper Window Washer

Why? Why not! It incorporates rappelling. Totally fun, no? And, repetitive tasks which I love. I think I did so well at my first internship, because after I completed my work I'd happily file anything for anyone.

So, therapeutic for me. I also really enjoy solitary work and I'm sure those guys and gals have some stories to tell from peering into the lives of others on a daily basis.

2) Executive Secretary

I like to be in the know. I'm fairly decent at multi-tasking and I love to wear a smart suit. My current job involves a fair amount of walking, but sitting for a large portion of the day would totally allow me to indulge in some ultra-fabulous heels.

3) Website Designer

I took a few web design classes last semester through our local community education and loved them. This work also fits the solitary and repetitive task areas mentioned in number 1. I really loved the coding part and think that it would work as a great "at home" career that I could do in theory around our current schedule. Going back to school is what keeps me from this. Maybe I'll find time to sit down with some books some day and teach things to myself.

4) Photographer

I think all but 2 photos on this site have been taken with my iPhone. That aside, I'd love to take photos for a living. I think I have a pretty good eye for urban beauty and for finding beauty in unexpected moments/places--sometimes you just need more than a camera phone to capture what you want. I don't know anything about cameras to be honest, but I think I could enjoy learning more. And, I love that the itineraant part of my current job as an interpreter, would remain intact here.

5) Facebook

If I didn't have a husband and a son, I'd totally find a way to work in Palo Alto. A few nights ago the hubs and I were watching an hour special on Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg which led me to pull up their careers page. And, holy mother of awesome benefits. Love it.

The hubs is quick to point out that amazing benefits come with amazing work loads. Which I don't doubt to be true at all, but 10 years ago I did work that hard at my job and I didn't get free meals, free laundry or 100% of my health insurance paid for. So, if you're willing to work that hard, why not have the awesome benefits too. I'd love to work at a place that thrives on creativity.

So tell me...what other jobs would you love to try?


  1. 1. Photographer. Because I want to learn to take amazing pictures.
    2. Cruise planner. Don't know if that's really a job, but I want to be the person that takes cruises simply to check out new locations and adventures for future cruisers.
    3. Dog sitter. I'd love to play with my furry kids and others' all day.
    4. House flipper. I would love investing in a property, fixing it up, trying out new styles before I put them in my house!, and selling it to grateful owners.
    5. Interpreter / Scheduler. Yup, I love my current job! It would have a little less stress, somehow there would be a little more time in the day, but it would still be great.

  2. I don't know why I should be surprised about the skyscraper window washer occupation...after all you are a trapeze artist!

    Here are mine:

    1.Professional Tennis Player - My very favorite thing to do; can't believe I haven't played in years:(

    2. Landscape Designer - Guess I could start with my own place. (I don't know how many times I've said, I just want to stay home and garden all day)!

    3. Travel Writer - You get to travel, eat, drink, see awesome things and stay at cool places and meet new people.

    4. Nutritionist - Always had an interest in healthful living. Still like to read about and try to implement healthy eating habits.

    5. Interior Decorator - With training and practice I think I could be good at it and it would fill a creative urge in me.

    6. Oh, that's right, you said 5. Guess I'll have to save "wife of millionaire " for another time :)

  3. This is awesome! I'm a stage manager, which I love, but I'd also like to try being a:
    1. Conductor. I can't take my eyes off them. I love music and think it would be amazing to lead an orchestra.

    2. Delivery room nurse. I'd love to be able to support new families and see brand new babies every day.

    3. Professor. I'm cheating here because I actually teach part-time every other year, but I'd love to do this full time at some point in my life.

    4. Pastry chef. 'nuff said.

    5. Travel agent.

  4. Oh! Oh! Oh! LOVE THIS ONE! :)

    1. Crime Solver - I don't know how I'd deal with blood but I do love solving a good mystery!

    2. Photographer - I guess I'm halfway there?!? Taking pictures relaxes me and why it's taken me so long to really push myself into the field puzzles me! Hopefully this will be the year I can really build my portfolio and finally land a couple of gigs!

    3. Wedding Planner - I.LOVE.WEDDINGS. I'll admit, I am that crazy gal you see buying the wedding mags when I don't actually have a wedding to plan (I apologize to all soon-to-brides if I have taken the last "Real Simple Weddings" you had your eye on)! What can be better than planning an entire day based on love and using a creative outlet to make it unique for a large variety of people!

    4. Professional Movie Critic - Movies play such an enormous role in my life, so why not sit around (or workout he-he) and get paid to watch movies all day!

    5. Art Therapist - Helping children/adults express their thoughts/feelings through art has always intrigued me.

  5. I love this -- and I love all the responses so far!!

    1. Rock-star. Maybe it's cliche, but I'd love to sing & rock my bass every night for a crowd, it doesn't even have to be a big crowd -- couple hundred people would suit me just fine!

    2. Party-planner. I'm a planner, I love parties. If time & money were not an issue, I'd be all over this.

    3. Food/Beer taster. Do I really need to explain my reasons for this one?

    4. Sex Therapist. I have a friend who does this and she is one of the happiest people I know. I love talking about relationships & sex, and if I could get paid gobs of money to do so? I'd be set! If it weren't for time, education and the money it would take to become educated... I'd jump on this bandwagon in a heartbeat.

    5. Writer. I already do it, though my paycheck is nonexistent and my fan-base is small... if I could turn it into a career, well, that would rock my socks off.

  6. @Lauren: You could totally do cruise planning, especially with a focus on Deaf, HH and interpreter clientele. Maybe even do something for all language interpreters. With all your mad leadership skills from PCRID I think this would be a great fit and you can lead out from the Baltimore port.

    House-flipping looks like it could be really rewarding if you know your stuff. I don't think I could do, but I completely see the appeal. Then you could get a reality tv show, make millions and retire early, no? :)

  7. @ Jan: There have got to be some fabuolous vacation spots that have a focus on tennis. Maybe you should save up and treat yourself to a tennis-cation. Nothing like a vacation where you do only the things you love...especially in a nice island type atmosphere, right?

    I also love that you mention "marrying a millionaire". You know there's a show for that? But, you'd have to move to LA or NYC. I'll have to have the Caz family be on the look out for handsome, single millionaires in the area. (smile)

  8. @ Jen. L.: Conductor? I like it. I can totally imagine you up there--and it's a field that could use a few more women don't you think?!

    I also love the delivery room nurse idea. Such a good job. I had a great one named Mitzi, she'll always be part of our story. I'd love to be a person who walks C-section patients through what they might expect in the OR and who does quality follow-up afterward. I don't think a hospital would ever go for it, but I think it would reduce lawsuits.

    I'd love to teach too. But, I have no desire to go back to school to do it. Grin.

  9. @ K.C.: Crime Solving Wedding Planner at your service! I think you'd be a great wedding planner and there has definitely got to be a need for someone with your skills and super great attitude in your area. Only bummer is it's almost all summer weekend work. In the smaller towns nearby I would think you could easily build a great portfolio with the local businesses.

    I could be a light and fluffy movie critic. I only review movies with happy endings. LOL.

  10. @ Kelli: Rock Star! I can totally see it. you've got the pipes, the sass and the business savvy. Take the kids on the road. They'd have the adventure of their lives.

    Maybe you could be a party planner for breweries? Combine both things you love. Do the big companies to foot the bill and micro-brews for the love.

  11. It's interesting to me that so many people said photographer. I think we might have to start some photo sharing.


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