Thursday, September 2, 2010

5 Words

If you only had 5 words to describe yourself, what would they be?

If you only had 5 words to describe me, what would they be?

(No phrases, just words.)


  1. I totally know this is a fluff post, but it could be interesting. And, I'm tired and still recovering from "the bug" this week. Looking forward to your 5 words.

  2. Me: Mom, Wife, Active, Creative, Giving

    You: Mom, Wife, Dedicated, Caring, Creative

  3. Alisyne: Mom, Inspired, Strong, Kind, Cluttered

    Alissa: Mom, Friendly, Dedicated, Fearless, Open-minded

  4. Ellen: Happy. Organized. Flexible. Engaging. Artistic.

    Alisyne: Spontaneous. Thrifty. Loving. Athletic. Smart.

    Me: Storyteller. Funny. Private. Conscientious. Planner.

    Thanks for the great words ladies.

  5. Me: Spontaneous. Creative. Determined. Fun. Strong.

    Alissa: Creative. Pretty. Intelligent. Independent. Hilarious.

    Your younger brother's wife. :)

  6. I thought I already did this like 2 days ago... oh well. pout.

    You: Superwoman, hottie, strong, smart, and fun

    Me: confused, loving, curvy, spontaneous, and fluff-ful

  7. CJD: Adventurous. Peppy. Thoughtful. Baker. Aunt.

    Jamie: Traveller. Smiley. Helper. Wise. Courageous.

  8. Ooooooooooo! I like this post!

    You: Inspiring, Quirky, Thoughtful, Sociable & Warmhearted

    Me: Energetic, Caring, Ditsy, Loud & Unpredictable

  9. K.C.: Vibrant. Stylish. Creative. Loyal. Spontaneous.

    I can't believe how many comments this post is getting. Yay!

  10. Me: finicky, sarcastic, kind, creative, short

    you: creative, determined, brave, loving, funny

  11. Courtney: Stylish! Talented. Social. Easygoing. Flexible.

  12. I don't know how I missed this one...

    Me: Passionate. Loyal. Strong. Authentic. Entertainer.

    Alissa: Genuine. Creative. Loving. Inspiring. Fun.

  13. @ Kelli: Upbeat. Real. Supportive. Gifted. Doer.

    *Dude, really I would have just typed all the words you gave yourself. Exactly how I see you. But, that wouldn't have been any fun, so there are 5 more. :)


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