Monday, January 24, 2011

Late. Late. Late

I'm a timely gal. I dread being late for things and by late I mean "on-time". Part of it is due to the nature of my job, as an interpreter I need to be places a good bit early to clear security, find the room, the loo and to meet the players in the meeting/class/etc.

Once at the beginning of my career I overslept to the tune of "I was still in bed and sound asleep FOUR hours after the job started.". I was mortified and vowed I would never be late again. And, except in very rare situations, like a few weeks ago when my husband was in a bad car accident on his way home--I. Am. Not. Late.

Work aside, in the world of life I am working on simply being "on-time". But last week, I was curtailed repeatedly. It would seem at this point that Little Dude and I are destined to not show up to gymnastics on time....EVER. We woke a bit late, hurried through our morning routine and then the poop of all poops happened the second we began to walk out the door. *sigh*

Late. Late. Late.

The next day, I took his friend from school clear across town to the wrong place and had to drive all the way back to near the school to drop her off. All this after she and the Little Guy spilled 12 ounces of milk all over the back seat.

Late. Late. Late.

Perhaps this will be the week I get us all pulled back on schedule. Then again...maybe not.

**And, then I just published this with the wrong title.**


  1. I just can't picture you late. Wow. I hope you get back on track soon.

  2. Four hours? I, who am perpetually late, am impressed... ;-). We each have war stories, and that's a great one!

    Much love to you!

  3. @ M.: And, 4 hours was just when I finally heard the phone ring with a call from 'the offce'. I still had to get up, showered and to the job. So awful!

    I think they thought I was dead.

    @ Lizzy: Thanks.

  4. I too, hate being even 5 minutes late. Just find it to be rude. The thing is, when you are so on time, people do worry when you are late, which is kinda nice. It's funny, it's yet another topic close to my heart that I have been writing about this week. Great minds, yet again!


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