Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Have you ever gotten attached to Spam?

In the hospital where we delivered our little guy, the "baby's first photo" was contracted out to a company. In the past 2 1/2 years I have received tons of e-mail from the company wanting me to purchase x,y and z products and asking me enter this or that cute kid photo contest.

Somehow, it felt wrong to 'unsubscribe'. My spam filter didn't redirect the mail and so month in and month out there I was 'archiving' spam and not deleting it. How insane is that?? It's insane people!

It's the first time that I've noticed myself holding on to 'virtual junk' with nostalgia. I wonder if in the coming weeks or months I'll notice more.

Beware, I will now be 'unsubscribing'.

I must take control over my inbox.

Do you have virtual nostalgia?


  1. Yes! When I used to work (outside the home) I was so bored I was glad to get as much email as possible to read during the day. Now, I can't keep up and over the weekend my inbox had over 1,000 messages and over 100 unread. I must get 4 different baby emails a day and yet I don't unsubscribe. I get AICR health emails, I get AARP emails addressed to my dad, I get Curly High School (an all boys school) addressed to my brother, I get Parkville Animal Hospital emails addresse to my parents dog who we put down last month and for whatever reason I don't UNSUBSCRIBE!!! (Now that i've written this i know i need help :o)

  2. 1,000 e-mails?? I can't even imagine. I must just hit 'delete all' and just start fresh. Here's to hoping for a cleaner inbox in 2011.


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