Tuesday, November 30, 2010

PIF: Reward Yourself (Hershey's Drops/Review)-CLOSED

The Hershey Company and Have Stroller Will Travel have partnered together on their "Drops of Happiness" campaign and our very own "Pay It Forward" series. Hershey's has come out with a new product, "Drops", that will hit the shelves in December.

These Drops are delicious, 
you're totally going to be addicted. 

I was able to taste both flavors (Milk Chocolate and Cookies 'n' Creme). and we loved them both. The first thing I noticed was the "no mess" wording on the packaging and I got to testing that right away by holding a drop in each hand for 90 seconds, and these little guys didn't waver. Not even an inkling of melting. Woo hoo!

That's a little "drop of happiness" for moms right there--no melty-chocolate-kids-hands--gets a seal of approval for me. Really though, I think of these as being adult chocolate treats, perfect for the office or on your commute home. A nice bit of chocolate to center you and give your tastebuds a blast of bliss before tackling the next task in life!!

So, here's the great part! Hershey's is giving away 30 bags of "DROPS" to readers of Have Stroller Will Travel today. It's simple, just share your own random acts of kindness (see below).
To Enter: ONE ENTRY PER PERSON. (If you are one of the first 30 to respond, please send me your mailing address to havestrollewilltravel (at) gmail (dot) com. Please be sure to include your e-mail address in the following format (jane at gmail dot com) with your comments. Answer one or more of the questions below as a SINGLE entry. Multiple entries not be counted. 30 WINNERS will be selected!

***What did you do/try to do this month to pay it forward?
***Did someone show you a random act of kindness?
***Do you have particularly fabulous pay it forward planned for December?

Open to residents with a standard shipping address. (No PO Boxes.)

Winner will be selected at random on November 30, 2010 at 11:59pm or when 30 comments have been received, whichever happens first. Winners have 24 hours to send me their address. Tell your friends, tell your family—spread the word. Good Luck!


  1. ***What did you do/try to do this month to pay it forward? mainly be kind and more aware of what I say or do.

    ***Do you have particularly fabulous pay it forward planned for December? more snow shoveling. lots more.

  2. ***What did you do/try to do this month to pay it forward? I went out of my way to give a ride to a friend and be the DD for them. I was always looking for an opportunity, but didn't find too many, so I just did the usual - opening doors, saying hi.
    ***Did someone show you a random act of kindness? You are always showing us acts of kindness! But, somebody did say hi to me for no particular reason one day and it made me happy that I then said bless you to somebody not anywhere close to me.
    ***Do you have particularly fabulous pay it forward planned for December? Until this post no, but I think I am going to try to go out of my way to help clean up at the parties we will be attending this holiday season. I know as a host it is a lot to do. ~ Alisyne alfab99@yahoo.com

  3. ***What did you do/try to do this month to pay it forward? When I get coupons emailed to me I like to print out a couple more and give them to the people in the store. This month I had the 20% off your ENTIRE purchase at Christmas Tree Shop, so I went there with four in hand ready to give out! I like to pick the people with the most things in their cart and boy were they happy - one of them even called me an angel! :)

    ***Did someone show you a random act of kindness? The kids that I'm around show random acts of kindness all of the time, whether it be my little brother, nieces and nephews or the kids I babysit - just a simple drawing or an extra hug is my favorite.

    ***Do you have particularly fabulous pay it forward planned for December? I have signed up to help at the Christmas Bureau Distribution Day at the Salvation army for this holiday season.

    -Britt benders@cscos.com

  4. I have LOVED this PIF series! It reminded me to do little things like let people cross in front of me at the grocery store, but also led me to do something really "sweet" for someone in my life. After receiving my own sweet care package, I decided to PIF to our mail carrier. Dean and I are often outside playing when she comes by, so we talk to her. One day Dean told her we'd made tea cakes. She remarked that she'd enjoyed those as a child. So the next day, we made a big batch, put them in a brightly colored bag and left them in the mailbox with a card for her. She was so happy that she parked her mail truck and came to our door for a hug! :)
    jennelsonlane at gmail dot com

  5. Once again, I've gotta say how much I've loved this series. You are amazing!! I personally found a few opportunities to PIF: Randomly bringing my neighbor a chocolate shake when I knew she was sick (and LOVES chocolate!). When grocery shopping last week, my 2&5 yo were in a rare good mood (what? my 2yo was still in the cart, not screaming to get out at the check-out???) so I let the lady behind us go in front of us. On Thanksgiving, we were having a small gathering at our house, so I invited a friend without family in town, who's been out of work to join us. As far as people PIF to me -- a certain blogger I adore dedicated one of her PIF to me to generate a few holiday guest posts for my humble little blog. I do aim to find ways to PIF whenever I can... December will be no different!

  6. Alissa's been rubbing off on us! We had quite a few opportunities from helping deliver meals on Thanksgiving to those less fortunate, giving our extra tickets away at the Festival of Trees, sending out a prayer email for my uncle that is having MAJOR surgery today, etc. We were honored to spend time speaking with a family that lost Garrett (7 years old) this past Easter to a brain tumor. He and his twin brother were members of my son's cub scout pack. I am in awe at the strength of this family and so thankful that they shared their photo album with us.
    Jodi Bates

  7. What did you do this month to pay it forward? - Donated clothes/items to a young teen girl who comes from a broken home and owns with very little.

  8. I too love this series it helped remind me to do more for people.
    What did you do/try to do this month to pay it forward?
    I paid for the person behind me at a drive-through.
    I saw a blind women in the metro and let her know 2 of the 3 escalators were broken and guided her to the only one working and then ended up giving her my arm and walking her to work.
    I let someone go in front of me whose hands were full and I only had a few items. She was surprised.
    I offered to read instructions to a man with a visual impairment.
    I helped a student in a class I took this past weekend who was behind in the instructions.
    I played the website you recommended for earning rice.
    Arthur helped a couple of tourists navigate the metro system and also help unload a woman's carriage at the grocery store.

    Did someone show you a random act of kindness?
    The man I offered to read the instructions to contacted someone for my email and sent me a very sweet email as a thank you.

    Do you have particularly fabulous pay it forward planned for December?
    I am thinking about asking the military base near us if there are a couple of soldiers far from home with no one nearby to join us for Christmas dinner.

    Thanks again for having this wonderful series.

  9. You've been making me think about the whole PIF thing. I'm still working on that :). I have been good with my random acts of kindness, though. Oddly, I've had a few opportunities to do the same thing: helping seniors find their cars. I've been at a few shopping centers recently and have come across a senior citizen wandering around the parking lot. I've even been lucky enough to find all the cars. My thought is I depend on others to help my mom at times so the least I can do is help someone else's.

    I think I'm going to do a PIF game with my daughters. Whoever can do the most good wins. This should be fun. This will get us in the proper holiday spirit.

  10. This contest is now CLOSED. Hershey's has graciously allowed us to select from previous comments to bring us to our grand total of 30 winners. Thanks Hershey's!!


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