Monday, November 29, 2010

PIF: Day Twenty-Nine

Pay It Forward: Day Twenty-Nine

Ever since this project began, I had hoped to be able to just walk up to someone and give them a gift card. I had a leftover $5 to a mega coffee company, that had been burning a hole in my pocket.

My issue this whole month had been how to give it to some random stranger without them thinking I was a "freak" or refusing it all together. 

Today, I popped it into my pocket and looked for a way to use it. As our family is still really sick (read: Liam went to one urgent care with Tim tonight while I went to another). Fun times, no? Anywho, I somehow misplaced my ID during the shopping extravaganza know as Black Friday weekend. And, I thought about giving the card to the person at the urgent care center who saw me without my ID even though their policy is strictly not to. Or, to the pharmacist at our local retailer who always keeps an eye out when doctors prescribe something that is in the Aspirin family (which I am allergic to). But, I decided I really didn't want it to be about giving someone something because "I got my way." or "As a thanks.". I wanted it to go to someone I would probably never see again.

So, I scoped out the store for a full 15 minutes. Since, the gift card was only for $5, I didn't want to give it to a couple, or a mom with a gaggle of kids since it wouldn't be enough to cover everyone. I found a few "single" candidates, but they were of course ALL on their phones. Finally I found a lady in the toy section obviously doing her holiday shopping and she had on an Orioles shirt (Let's Go O's!). So she was to be on the receiving end of my pay it forward today. So, I walked down her aisle and said, "Excuse me." and I kid you not she jumped back 5 rows of Matchbox cars, crossed her arms and turned her body. Apparently ready for some full scale assault. And, so my pay it forward went a little something like this, "I promise I'm not going to attack you (she relaxed only slightly). I'm spending the month doing nice things for others, enjoy a coffee on me." She smiled, said thank you, but I'm pretty sure she though I was trying to kill her covertly with a gift card. :D

In other news, my post was short last night due to the lack of internet. But, Tim took the monitor in the morning and also took Liam out to "look at cars" so I could have time to work on my blog. I ended up sleeping, trying to rid this vicious illness that has a hold on our house. It was lovely, unexpected and really awesome. Thanks, Big Dude and Little Dude!

My friend, Jamie tried to donate blood today but they wouldn't let her. A+ for effort!

Make sure to gather up your random acts of kindness as the first 30 readers to share theirs tomorrow will be "sweetly" rewarded. So, make a note to check back in tomorrow.


  1. I think this one was one of my favorites... gotta love "attacking" someone with a random act of kindness. LOVE it. And... wow, girl. Lots of props to you for fulfilling this amazing task, blogging daily, while fighting off an illness that has taken over you & your family. I admire your strength & positivity through it all!

  2. Awww, shucks! You made me blush. Thanks.

    Dude, I think she may have thought that little envelope held some WMDs.

  3. HAHA - I remember being young and being on vacation in North Carolina and my dad and me were taking a walk and we massed this guy who said hello to us. I was like why did he talk to us? what does he want? what's going on? I was so not used to people just being kind enough to say hi in passing that this was completly shocking - and I've never forgotten that moment as I now try to say hello to people I pass while taking the dog or noah for a walk. So, good for you!
    Also, I signed up to give blood today! ~ Alisyne

  4. Alissa, I have so enjoyed your month of paying it forward and you have inspired many of us to do the same (maybe not every day though, ha, ha:). I believe it's the little things in our daily interactions with those around us that can make this world a better place. Thanks for being you...Tim and Liam are lucky guys!! Love ya, mom

  5. Alissa- So sorry you guys are so sick! That is a pain- feel better soon! I love idea and am so glad that you are fun, giving, and clever you! Have a good day :-)

  6. Last week, in the grocery store, I stepped into the "10 items or less line". I realized that there was a man standing sort of behind me, but back into the aisle of grocery items. It occured to me that I may have cut in front of him, so I turned to ask him if he was already in line, behind the guy who was infront of me. He said "No, I'm not." Then he said, "Thanks for asking. Most people wouldn't have given that any thought and just moved ahead." I said, well, if someone had done that to me, I wouldn't have liked it, so I wouldn't want to do it that someone else. That then started another whole conversation about his dog, but that's another story! I like to talk to people, and I do it a lot in grocery stores, so I can totally relate to the others comments above.


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