Friday, November 12, 2010

PIF: Day Twelve

Pay It Forward: Day Twelve

We jumped right into pay it forward today as we zoomed through the Drive-Thru at a MickeyD's on the way to Liam's Friday play group. In addition to my "GIANT Diet Coke" as Liam calls it, we picked up "a hand" to support the Ronald McDonald House Charities for a buck. Felt good, I signed Liam's name on it, painless, cheap--although not inherently personal.

Then, on a trip to the store later in the day Liam made a bee line to one of those behemoth child toting carts. The ones where the kid sits in a seat behind the cart. They are the semi-trucks of the retail shopping experience. Insane to drive around the store, but it keeps Liam quiet--so Sign. Me. Up. Anywho, another little girl rushed to the same cart and Liam and I yielded the cart to the other mom and family. It was a cinch since I could see another one just a short walk away, and the other mom was super appreciative since her daughter was likely to have meltdown of the century if we didn't move along. (I've been there other-mom. I totally get it. Glad we could make today a little easier for her.)

Thirdly, when I got to work this evening. I took a few extra seconds and turned on my colleagues computer, booted it up and logged him in. He was totally stoked to not have to wait for the ridiculously slow computer to load. Hooray!

In other news, Tim let me sleep in for an extra hour this morning. Happy pay it forward morning to me. And, a blogger friend sent me an e-mail with some ideas to get me out of my pay it forward slump. If I use any, I'll totally give her props! It was awesome that she took time out of her day to brainstorm some ideas and then jot them down and send them to me.

Lastly, Tim's mom came down to visit today from the upper east coast and made a stop for her co-worker several hours into her trip to drop off a banner that the woman had forgotten. Paying it forward, BAM!!

Make extra sure to jot down all of your awesome random acts of kindness this month as 30 folks will be sweetly rewarded.

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