Saturday, November 13, 2010

PIF: Day Thirteen

Pay It Forward: Day Thirteen

It's a little hard to read, but this morning I put sticky notes up on bathroom mirrors all over a building that read, "Take a good look at yourself. You are BEAUTIFUL!!".

This was not my idea, it was part of a post I had read on BlogHer about the "Own your Beauty" campaign where people leave inspirational notes to other women on mirrors in public spaces.

I felt good about it, it took little time and hopefully it made someone walk a little taller today.

Also, purchased my mother-in-law's ticket at the Irish Festival tonight. :)


  1. I LOVE this idea! I think I'll put some notes like this in the ladies' rooms when I go back to work. I know a lot of us could use a little pick-me-up when we run to the restroom!

  2. What a GREAT idea. I agree with Jen! I think I'll keep Post-It notes in my purse from now on!! --Julia

  3. @ Jen and Julia: Yay! I think it's a nice thing to carry forward too. So easy. I also ended up putting a few on the back of bathroom stalls.


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