Friday, November 19, 2010

PIF: Day Nineteen

Pay It Forward: Day Nineteen

Thwarted (almost). Tonight was special in our town as it was the official arrival of Santa Claus and the Christmas Tree lighting. We've been the last two years and were really looking forward to this tradition again this year. We even had several friends with whom we were going to meet up, making it an extra fun evening. Liam and I went out and purchased some blinking noses for the kids. In the past the event has provided all sorts of kid-friendly swag, but the organizers decided to cut that from the program this year. We originally went in for glow sticks and had no luck, instead we found these adorable (and cheap) light up reindeer noses. Yay! So, I bought four extras to give out to random kids that we encountered throughout the evening. I was stoked that it would be a fun pay it forward for me and definitely a bonus for the kids who were on the receiving end. 

Fast forward to Liam's nap that he semi-boycotted. He was playing and singing and drumming, but most definitely not sleeping. When Tim got home, I suggested that he go get Liam and bring him into our room for a family snuggle and maybe he'd get a bit of shut-eye that way. Tim attended to a few things and then came back for the snuggle-a-thon and wouldn't you know it Little Dude fell asleep one hour before we needed to head out. So we let him sleep, got everything together for the event and went to wake him up...and that's when we saw that he probably had pink eye. Both of our hearts sank, knowing that we would not be able to take him. This is the first year that I think he'd really get it all, and we missed it--there was definitely some mourning going on. 

So, we packed him up and took him to the after-care doctor and waited and waited and waited for them to tell us what we suspected, that he did indeed have pink eye. Poor dude. So, it looks like we'll be hanging out here this weekend.

We did stop off for a quick bite after picking up his medicine, because he specifically requested chicken and he missed Santa for crying out loud. We decided we'd wipe everything down and took him for a quick bite to eat. Except, they never brought my food. (sigh) I ended up having to take it home in a box, since Tim and Liam were completely done and had been for some time by the time things got sorted out with my meal. Regardless of the fact that signals got crossed somewhere between the server and the kitchen I put a $5 coffee gift card in with her tip. Hope it helped turn her night around.

Find a way to turn someone's day around this weekend.

**Updated: I also did a little pay it forward for the bloggers in my life. I changed my Blogroll for the rest of the month to place those most recently updated in the top slot. The more you blog, the better position you get for the rest of November here. :)

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