Thursday, November 18, 2010

PIF: Day Eighteen

Pay It Forward: Day Eighteen

Keeping my mouth shut. Yes, this is my pay it forward for today. Keeping my mouth shut, reigning in my fingers and not posting the world's worst review of customer service at a company that I have used for the better part of a decade. A company that I have held in high regards for a looong time and recommended to many many people over the years. This is my pay it forward today. There is too much negativity, too much accentuating the negative and not touting the positive in the world. And, so..I shall stay mum.

My intentions were sound though as I tried to order a little "pick me up" for my sister-in-law who took on a very intense battle in her war against breast cancer. Today she valiantly went into surgery to eradicate this cancer from her body with a bilateral mastectomy. She is an insanely brave person and I am so proud of her positive approach. The world is so lucky to have such an warm, friendly, open, inclusive, loving woman in it. And, I am truly blessed to have her as my sister-in-law. Please go over to Fueled By Love and leave a comment of encouragement, hope, prayer, happy dance--whatever it is you do to lift the spirit of others. Even, if you don't know her, please take a moment to lift her soul.

In addition, some dear friends of ours lost their family dog tonight and we tried to send them something as well. Although we were unable to, we are sending their family comfort, love and peace tonight.

Take a moment tonight to tell someone that you love them. Make sure to count your blessings, embrace every moment and live life to the fullest.

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  1. Love you Alissa! Please send my love to your friends who lost their dog. I hope happy memories of their faithful friend will bring them joy!


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