Wednesday, November 17, 2010

PIF: Day Seventeen

Pay It Forward: Day Seventeen

To pay it forward today I donated 1600 grains of rice via the World Food Programme's website Take a moment or two or twelve, it's a super addictive vocabulary game and helps others out in the process.

PS-Tim is now on his computer playing too. :)

Also, tonight Tim picked up several errant carts in the parking lot and brought them all the way back into the store so that someone else wouldn't have to. Way to go dude!


  1. I just added another 1600 grains! What a great way to pay it forward.

  2. Finally had an opportunity to pay it forward today. We offered to drive our cousins to a game night tommorow, so they could feel free to drink and we'd be the DD. I also added some grains to the mix. ~ Alisyne

  3. @ Lizzy and Alisyne: Thanks for adding rice to the count. Woo hoo!

    @ Alisyne: That's a great pay it forward.


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