Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pay It Forward: Day Ten

Pay It Forward: Day Ten

Every Wednesday just before Little Dude and I turn into the place for his gymnastics class we pass a group of guys doing construction. He always likes to check out all the tractors, diggers, etc. making it a much anticipated part of our weekly trek.

As of late the guys have been doing lots of digging by hand, which is back breaking work anywhere, but especially here in Baltimore where the land is all clay. It's mucky, cold work that would make for long days for anyone. So this morning we went to a local bakery and bought the guys some donuts. Unfortunately for us the guys apparently decided to take the day off today. Bummer. I did end up taking the donuts to an evening meeting where they were devoured. So, I still got my "pay it forward" in, but it wasn't exactly how I planned it and the people at the meeting honestly didn't seem all that thankful...even, though they did eat them.

On a note of someone paying it forward to us, I also ordered a small almond cookie with colored sprinkles for the little dude and they not only threw it in for free, but gave him two "to go" as well. It as really nice of them and made his day as well as mine.

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  1. Bummer that the construction guys weren't there! Maybe you'll get to do it for them another day. I'll bet they whistle at you. :)
    (Thanks for the shout-out!)

  2. @ Jen: Wouldn't you know we have seen a gazillion work crew out and about this morning. Murphy's Law I guess. Maybe we will attempt it again, although I think I'll check for a work crew first THEN go to the bakery. Grin.


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