Tuesday, November 9, 2010

PIF: Day Nine

Pay It Forward: Day Nine

Alright readers, it's time for a little honesty. We're friends though, right? So, you can handle it? I was 6 blinks away from some gorgeous sleep when I realized that I had not yet posted today and I woke back up, turned the computer on and well..now, here I am typing. Please tell me that counts for something. Like, do I get participation points for that?? Because it's Daylight Saving Time, which really translates into **screwing-with-parents-of -young-children-time**. Enough about my eternal loathing of the time changes since I have become a parent and on to the task at hand.

Today, I had the opportunity to pay the tolls of a commuter behind me at the toll plaza. It's the one thing I had in mind to do since I started this project and it felt good. I'm sure for a second the car behind me was miffed that I was taking so long at the toll booth and then POOF two extra smackeroos in their pocket. That's a whole half a coffee or something. I hope that it inspired them to slow down or speed up or make a little extra space for someone to get over while they were out and about this evening.

Also, as I whizzed through the MickeyD's tonight for dinner, the woman working the window was clearly having one of "those days"! After she took my money, I told her that I hoped her day got better and she laughed. It was nice to be able to change someone's mood if even only for a moment. I'm going to be on the lookout for people who change mine, even if it's only for the slightest moment.

Take a moment today and comment on some of your favorite blogs. Find an excuse to compliment someone. Tell someone you love how very important they are. Pay. It. Forward.


  1. Daylight Savings Time can suck it. THAT is why I'm so tired. I've been trying to figure it out all day! Gah.
    I love your PIF project. We were once in the drive-thru line and noticed on of Marcus's students behind us. She was, incidentally, going through a rough patch at the time. We paid for her order (only a coke and fries, but still). She came to us in tears the next day, gushing thanks and saying how it had made her day. I'm sure the person behind you at thet toll booth was thrilled.

  2. Yes- daylight savings time is totally screwing us up too! I love this Alissa- thanks for the reminder to pay it forward, it is naturally you thing to do anyway :-)

  3. @Jen: Hooray for making a student's day. That's so awesome of you guys. :D

    @ Allison: You're too sweet, thanks!


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