Thursday, October 28, 2010


I've decided that the de facto motto of mothers of toddlers should be, "Poop happens!". 

Yesterday as Liam and I were leaving gymnastics it was quite apparent that there was a small lake living in the confines of his super absorbent diaper. But, we were in a rush to meet up with his buddy at a local farm which turned into a playdate at the new play place in our mall since everything was sopping wet here. 

We pulled into the mall, and made a quick dash into a nearby department store to change what was quickly becoming an ocean in his diaper only to find that we did not in fact have ANY diapers in the diaper bag.

Since Liam wasn't bothered at all, we decided to go on to our playdate. I mentioned to the other mom our situation and as she checked her diaper bag, she only had one spare and she was sure that her own son would be needing it soon. So we laughed at his low slung diaper and caught each other up on the latest happenings for the next 20 or so minutes when Liam turned and "shook his leg". Ohnothiscan'tbegood! Not only did he shake his leg, like he was trying to get "something" out, but then he started clutching at the back of his knee and "Ewww, this certainly isn't going to turn out well.". She handed over the one diaper she had (God Bless Her!) and as I laid Liam down, it was then that I realized his pants were soaked with an overflow of hazerdous material. I changed said diaper, and then left him with the other mom as I flew into the department store, took the escalator by storm and bounded my way up to the second floor, grabbed the first pair of pants I could find (next time I'll look at the price tag first--ouch!) and whizzed on back to the play area, grabbed Liam and "pants'd him". 

The best part of this story is that there was a grandmother with her two grand kids in the play area who had obviously been saying to herself things about this apparent redneck mother who let her child run amok in a public play place in just a diaper, etc. etc. when she saw me come flying down the stairs pants in hand--and she lost it. She laughed so hard, she was beside herself about how I had run in to replace his pants. I'm glad that she got such a good laugh out of it, we did too!! But it also gave me that gentle reminder to keep in mind that we don't always have the full story.  


  1. Blown-out diapers are the pits! Dean once had a blow-out when we were driving from NY to DC. He had already spit up all over the one spare outfit in his diaper bag, so we stopped at a gas station, stripped him in the parking lot and dug a new outfit out of the suitcase (which was in the trunk). The best part was that it got all over me, so I had to change my shirt, too. We got some great looks that day.

  2. Ugh! When Liam was still breastfeeding he used to blow-out several times a day all over me. But, as a toddler it's been a non-event. Let's hope he doesn't make a habit of it.

    Glad you had some clothes in the trunk.


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