Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Epic Battle

An epic battle has now been waged between father and son, "Battle of the Bandz".

Last week, Grandma sent an arsenal of Silly Bandz into our home and that was all the ammunition that was needed for a full scale assault.

While his father was at work, Little Dude not-so-carefully flung all 60+ automotive shaped bands all over his father's side of the bed.

Upon getting ready to hunker down for the evening, Tim noticed the assault and declared, "Silly Monkey!" and tidied up the collateral damage (tossed them into a heap on his dresser).

The next morning after Little Dude awoke, while Mamma was getting ready he meandered into the battlefield (bedroom) and jaw dropped, an incredulous look crossed his face as he saw what had happened, turned to me and said "Silly Daddy!". He then walked over to the dresser, amassed two handfuls of bands and scattered them again.

Young warrior was not easily dissuaded. Will young grasshopper prevail? Only time will tell.


  1. He's gone into stealth mode with the whole thing now. I am finding only one or two of them at a time, cleverly tucked away in the sheets....


  2. @ Tim: He's working on his "ranger" skills...I'm sure they'll be in your shoes in no time.


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