Sunday, September 5, 2010

Boo in the Night

Little Dude is struggling with sleep and we are struggling with our lack of sleep because of it. He's always been a champ in the sleep department, so we find ourselves at a loss. It all started about a week ago, and tonight it was Extreme Screaming for 45 minutes. We tried to talk him through what was wrong and the most we could get out of him is that maybe he was cold. We think since it's getting dark earlier now and he's going to sleep when it's dark out already--maybe that's freaking him out.

Tonight, I held rocking and he was asleep within a minute. Out cold kind of sleep...I hope we can figure this out soon for his sake as well as for ours.


  1. That is SO tough!! I believe you may be dealing with night terrors. Natalie went through that around Liam's age. As hard as it is, you kinda have to make sure he's safe and let him go and cry it out. He won't remember it. And it's way harder on the parents than the child. :( The good news is that this stage will not last forever. Very random for a few months, but they occurred less & less as time went on. Good luck. At least he did sleep at one point. You are one step ahead of us there. Natalie didn't sleep through the night until she was 14 months, and then the night terrors started right around her 2nd birthday. Hang in there!!

  2. Liam had night terrors when he was little, but they were so different. It's possible I guess that these are them as well. He never falls asleep now though. It's so tough. He's not napping at all and he's still awake tonight, last night I think until 1am. Thanks so much for the support and encouragement that we can get thru it.

    I think the only reason I can get thru the screaming tonight is because of your comment. THANKS!

  3. I am so sorry to hear he is having problems. I hope you figure it out soon for his sake as well as yours.

  4. Sleep issues are the worst. Dean goes back and forth. Some nights he's super happy to go to bed, other nights you'd think we were holding a hot poker to his eye the way he screams. I hope your Little Dude's problems are getting better!

  5. Thanks Lizzy and Jen. I hope they get better soon too. We go to the pediatrician on Friday. I think it's some form of severe separation anxiety now. I was unable to find work most of the summer and it may be related to me going back to work. He is scared to death of his crib.

    Thanks for all the good wishes.

    @ Jen: I hope Dean stays more on the super happy to go to bed train! :)


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