Monday, August 30, 2010

Review: Wet Ones

It’s back-to-school time, do you know where your germs are?

Germs are a huge contributor of back-to-school illnesses for little ones and as our little dude enters school for the first time, we want to keep him as healthy as possible. So, when Playtex contacted me for a Wet Ones product review and giveaway for the fabulous readers of this here blog, I was more than happy to check them out.

The product they gave me to review was a Wet Ones on-the-go container that fits in standard size cup holder. Initially, I had planned to test out this feature by looking to see if it would fit in a stroller cup holder, external beverage holder in a back pack and so on to really test it’s functionality as an on-the-go container and then to tell you about how we used it.  (It does indeed fit all of those places.)

However, our son decided last week that he was just going to start going to the bathroom on his potty instead of his diapers (whether we were ready or not) and Wet Ones came to our germ rescue. As these wipes kill 99.99% of bacteria we put one in each bathroom and used them to clean up the messes of the ill-developed aim of a 2 year old. We also used them to clean mommy and Little Dude’s hands before we got to the sink for a serious cleansing. I feel so much better having these on hand knowing that we are making this whole toilet training process as germ free as possible.

In addition we took these to the fair with us to wipe off our hands after we pet all of the animals and after my curious little one took to investigating the animals’ stalls/cages.

I think Wet Ones is a great product to have on hand when you aren’t able to get to soap and water for young and old alike. The product I reviewed was “Fresh Scent” however they do have offer an unscented variety via their “Sensitive Skin” line.

Note: Please read all instructions on the container about initially feeding the wipes into the opening. No need to get your finger stuck like I did.

We will be selecting TWO winners for this giveaway of Wet Ones on-the-go containers.

To Enter: (Please note bundling comments 1 & 2 will only give you one entry to win. Please leave two separate comments to increase your chances of winning.) Please be sure to leave your first and last initial with your comment(s).

1) Leave a comment about an interesting mess you’ve had to clean up.
2) Bonus Entry: Leave a comment sharing how you try to combat germs during flu season.

You must be a US resident to win and have a standard mailing address (Not a PO Box) to be eligible.

Winners (2) will be selected at random on September 3, 2010 at 11:59pm. Winners have 72 hours to claim their prize. If not claimed a new winner will be selected. Tell your friend, tell your family—spread the word. Good Luck!

[Disclosure: Playtex provided me with a complimentary sample of this product to test for review purposes and agreed to provide product to two lucky readers as well. The opinions expressed in this review are mine and mine alone and were in no way influenced by Playtex.]


  1. Well - you've already heard about one of my most interesting messses - cauliflower. Not to mom's it comes back out stringy and my son likes to put his hands in his pants - enough said! Alisyne

  2. Wow that is interesting Alisyne! Mine isn't quite as exciting, but my kids love rice and that is always really tricky to clean up, especially when you aren't at home with the soap and water (we get it at Wegman's) it sticks to everything, so I can see wipes coming in handy for those messes.

  3. To fight off germs during flu season and any other time I keep hand sanitizer or wipes in the car and give them to the kids anytime we leave a public place and to wipe off the cart before shopping on all edges because my older ones hold onto it as well! Good luck keeping the illness at bay!

  4. @ Alisyne: That cauliflower story is so insane. Liam will not be offered it until well past potty training.LOL. And, it come out white which was part of the confusion of it, right? Yuck.

    @ Allison: Rice is a sticky-wicky mess. Great that your kids love such a healthy food though. I should wipe even more stuff down in flu season. Thanks for the reminder.


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