Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Life Lessons

I've got a lot to teach Little Dude in life, but he has quite a bit to teach me too. Here's a little of what he's taught me so far.

*Look up! There are fascinating planes and helicopters and all sorts of wonderful birds....and fabulous clouds. I love that I now take the time to stop, look up and enjoy even when he's not with me.

*Look Down! There are fabulous bunnies and slugs and all sorts of exciting things waiting to be discovered.

*Peaches: Enjoy them! Don't worry about the juicy mess you are making...in fact, revel in it. Let the juice roll down your arms and onto the floor, roll your eyes back in your head and hum and sing about the delicious flavors exploding in your mouth.

*Be the first to Moo. Don't wait with eager anticipation for the cows to moo at you. Take the world by the horns and MOOOOOOO at them first. You never know the entire Cow Palace at the Fairgrounds might start mooo-ing back. Great moments can happen anywhere at any time!!

*!!! -- Life is a little more exciting if you approach it with all exclamation points!

*And, sometimes only mamma will do.

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