Monday, August 23, 2010

Meaning of Marriage

Little Dude has recently declared my office the "so comfy room". In fact last night he was having a rough go trying to fall asleep and when I came in to calm him down, we rocked and then he asked if we could go into the "so comfy room". Once inside the kid didn't move, didn't try to play, just laid there--I'm actually quite sure that had I let him he would have slept beside me in there all night. Goofy dude!

Anywho, today we are again playing/lounging in "so comfy" when I pull a small album that a friend made of pictures from our wedding. Liam's pretty interested in his babyhood and life before he was around these days and so he knows what the album is. The album is hot pink for crying out loud, I mean how could he forget?!?! So, I said to him, " This is from when mamma and daddy got married. Do you know what married means?"

[Side note: When we got hitched we had folks sign small river rocks instead of a guest book. Because I knew for certain that 4 months, 4 years or 40 years after we got married I would never pull out a 'guest book' to look at it. And, we've had the glass bowl of rocks on display somewhere in our house for 4 years.]

And, he says, " Married means you get ROCKS!!!!".

I'm guessing the only thing that could make marriage better to him is if we also had a bowl of sticks on display. Since, he collects them like they are an endangered species.

This story gets even better, because then he points to a rock that has a swirly design drawn on it (see lower left corner of photo), probably by my niece Jade and says "Chic-A-Fil-A rock!".

And, this is where I die laughing.


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