Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I LOVE holidays. I liked them before I had kids, but I'm really head-over-heels for them now. I received a lot of great advice before I had Liam. Two pieces in particular that garnered a double gold star. One from my sister-in-law Allison to not buy a traditional high chair because you'll spend twice as much time cleaning the chair as you did making the meal. Excellent! We bought him a booster instead and never looked back.

The second was from my mom and it was a piece of advice from her mom. She told me to make every holiday really special as that is what kids will really remember. We do try to celebrate the every day here, but she's right--when I look back on the great memories they usually center around a holiday of some sort. My mom was fabulous at holidays. I don't think I can ever fill her shoes, honestly I don't think anyone could. But, I'll give it the good old college try.

That said, since Liam has been in the picture I have really enjoyed looking at holiday decorations in the stores and the fact that fall is just a hop, skip and a jump away--I can barely contain myself. I know it makes some ill that Halloween stuff is out already, but I'm one happy mamma. I like perusing what's out there, what's new and thinking about costumes for the little dude.

And, last week I finished addressing my Christmas cards. You can gag now, I know. But, if I don't do them late summer, I'd never get them out come the Christmas season.

Now, bring on the fall festivals. There are apples to be picked, pumpkins to be carved, and hayrides to be ridden.

PS- 123 shopping days until Christmas!


  1. Christmas cards?!?! Don't rush it! ;)

  2. I know, I can't help myself. It's an addiction. I didn't write out the inside of the cards yet, does that make it better??


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