Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Hon" is a cultural phenomenon here in B'more. It's a casual relic left over from times past. I tend to think of it as an "old school" expression used from those in my parents' generation and older.

B'more is proud of their "hon" with restaurants like Cafe Hon and HonFest every June. Driving around the city you frequently see cars with "HON" on their bumpers.

Apparently though "old school" is the kids "new school" as Liam has taken a liking to calling me HON. Just the other day we were sharing a bowl of peanuts when he got down from his chair, picked up the bowl of shells and said, "Let me put 'dis in 'da trash for 'ya...HON." And, today he was all, "Can I have some more water for my table, HON?", "Would 'ya like a duck, HON?", "Thanks for the jelly 'andwich, HON." Oy.

He's also trying out some other adult expressions like the other night a the baseball game when he put his hand on my shirt and said, "That shirt looks good on you."


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