Monday, July 26, 2010

Car Camping

Yesterday Liam and I did a little bit of car camping, not that whole taking a tent into the woods kind of camping. More along the lines of napping in our car outside the front door of our house kind of car camping. But, it worked for him so it worked for me.

The whole thing happened because we went to the O's game in 106 degree heat (at least that's what my car temperature do-hickey thing said) at his regularly scheduled nap time. And, Little Dude had impeccable timing yesterday as he wanted to leave after the bottom of the 4th--we made it back to our car just as the flood gates opened. Way to go, little man!

Liam never, or almost never, falls asleep in his car seat. He hasn't been a fan of the car since the day we left the hospital. Usually he is too busy making a fuss about being "stuck" to get any shut eye. But as the rain brought the temperature down and white noise to our car he fell asleep just the other side of the tunnel about 15 minutes from our house. Once, we got home the car thermostat read 77 and I decided that since I was near 100% sure if I tried to move him at all he would wake--I laid back my seat, opened the window and we dozed 6 feet from our front door for over an hour.

It was actually really nice. The sound of the rain. Taking some time to chill together. If felt like a really good choice. It was a really good choice.

And, the look on his face when he woke up and realized he was still in the godforsaken car was priceless. He opened his eyes, looked around and said, "Make. It. Go.". It was fun to be able to tell him that he could get out, no more going, no more "stuck"--let's go in and find daddy.

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