Monday, May 24, 2010


If Someone had asked me 5 years ago what kind of mom would you be, I probably wouldn’t have had an answer. Today, I want to be the kind of mom that when my kids look back they remember the random happy moments we shared together. I don’t have to be the cool mom, I just want them to know I was always there for them.

It has been an interesting 5 years. These kids make me laugh and cry and want to pull my hair out. Sometimes all at the same time! Though one of the best moments was when Sabrina got herself and Ava into their carseats and buckled as I was trying to get John in his infant carseat, grab the diaper bag and head out the door. She was so proud of herself!

I love dress up!!! I am so lucky that the girls love to dress up too, especially Ava. Last week we had to take Stryder to the vet, Ava was in her princess dress, ballet shoes butterfly wings and jewelry. I put a pull-up on her since we are still in the process of potty training. What a mess, the vet was behind with an emergency, the kids were antsy, Stryder was shaking like a leaf and trying to escape (all 110lbs of him) finally the vet tech sent us to McD’s while they examined Stryder.  Now I have kids running all over Playland. The vet calls my cell just as Sabrina tells me she need to go potty, as I take her to the most unhygenic potty I have ever seen I ask, can you hold it sweetie?...Uh yeah mom! Now the vet is trying to find out from me if my dog has a possible STD, while Ava comes up to tell me she is poopie, what was in her pullup can not be described just as poopie. There is poopie creeping out all edges of the pullup. I tell the vet that I would be right in, and there was no way that my sweet Stryder had any kind of STD. Now that I finally have Ava out of the dress and pull-up, all I have left for her to wear are a pullup, wings and a smile. Hey she’s 3, she can pull it off. Stryder is now being tested for all tick born diseases, I believe the problem turned out to be allergies. I had a double mocha after that, even though it was 6:30pm.  

Sabrina has me convinced that she is trying to change her little brother into a little sister. Apparently Ava isn’t enough. As I listened through the intercom as Sabrina “played” with John. When I went into her room I saw that she had him dressed up in jewelry and was trying to get him into a dress. Luckily Ava wasn’t nearby, or they may have succeeded. Poor John, he will grow up knowing the sound track to “Mamma Mia” as it’s the girls favorite!

I admit with 3 kids ages of 4 1/2, 3 and 1, it ain’t easy! As Sabrina told me the other day as she was rock climbing up a wall with me spotting her from behind, while I was trying to keep on eye on John who was tackling or being tackled by Ava “Mom, we are going to be just fine.”, as usual she is right, but I still want to have our Sunday morning snuggles in bed when it seems like time stands still. But now I must run, Ava is running around in her Diego panties (on backwards) looking for her princess dress and tiara. Sabrina needs help with finding something and hopefully John will sleep a little longer! But that’s before I have to start getting everyone ready for gymnastics.

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  1. Your kids are growing up with some fabulous humor and love. These stories made me laugh out loud.


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