Thursday, May 27, 2010


Here are the great moments...

When you've lost hope that people are decent- someone comes along and changes that. Not only does he show you that people can still love no matter what they've been through, he comes with these 2 amazing bundles of personality that flipped my world upside down.

As I sit and wait for my plane to board to leave for the work that has always meant so much to me- more than any love I could have for anything or anyone else, I cry.

I cry because I know I'm not only leaving behind a great man for a week but also the twinkies that make everyday worth it.

When my iPod is shuffling MY favorite songs, somehow HER favorite songs wind up there and make me miss her even more than when I left her crying at the security checkpoint.

Then there's the boy who is so damn cute, with eyelashes that make women jealous. The boy who has proposed marriage several times, calls me his wife and repeatedly asks how old I'll be when he is 18. Lol. Too funny.

I love the whole family. My Hostess family. 2 Twinkies and Daddy the Ding-Dong.

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