Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Soul Stealer

That's right I had my soul stolen right out from underneath me as I fretted over what to do with a child that was in pain and I didn't know what to do. Me, the parent, the one charged with his care was at a loss...and alone...and we survived.

Liam and I went downtown to see the elephants from the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus dine on an 11,000 lb. buffet at Lexington Market. (More on that later.) We grabbed a bite inside the market and then headed on our way home. Liam didn't eat much, but we think he's teething so no big surprise. About 5 minutes out of the parking spot near the market and Liam starts screaming in pain, his shirt instantly soaked in giant crocodile tears, he's pointing at his mouth (I had just given him an apple to eat.), he's begging pleading for a "huck" (hug) and for mamma to make the pain stop. I look back I can't see what's hurting him as he continues to wail and there is no place to pull over, he continues to cry out for help and I can't find a place to stop. He's pointing at his mouth, he's screaming, he just wants a hug and finally I find a place and leap out of the car in a single bound. I come around to his seat and he keeps pointing at his mouth. He then grabs my finger and points it inside his mouth, wailing, screaming looking for me to make it stop , to find the answer and I can't find anything wrong. I look around his mouth, his lips and nothing seems amiss. I start to think about the nearest emergency room, and then I can't remember if all hospitals have emergency rooms and I just decide they have to help me. They have to help my son. So, I get in the car and get turned around, I guess it was the adrenaline and then I remember how to get to a hospital in the city. I explain to Liam that mamma is going to get us help. Someone who can help him. He just continues to sob as I work our way across the city and then he stops, he falls asleep, and I call Tim.

My body starts to catch up with the fright and Tim talks me through that he's teething and maybe the apple hurt to chew on. And, I make my peace with the situation and head home. Feeling like, I did the best I could.

Moments from home I turn around to find 2 large and 2 small hives on his face. Oh no, this isn't over. I missed something. I didn't make it better. I failed. I call Tim. I call the pediatrician and the nurse is convinced that it's a bee sting and to just give him some Benadryl. But, I know there wasn't a bee in the car. I don't know what it was, but it was from that apple or the pretzels in the market...or something in that market. It was an allergic reaction that upon closer inspection when we arrived home produced 7 hives and a little boy who wouldn't let go of me for even a second after I took him out of the car.

The hives have calmed down. He has a fever.

I never need to know this feeling again.


  1. Awwww. I am so sorry to hear you guys had such a bad day. I hope the little guy is better soon. If you need anything just call.

  2. awwww, poor little guy! I hope he's better soon!

  3. His fever isn't going anywhere. He apparently went to sleep around 6, not like him at all.

    Now, we are debating ER or call the doc in the am.

  4. Spider bite? I'm inclined to think something bit or stung him and is causing a reaction. Based on his instant scream of pain, makes me think that, and being where there were animals that you're not normally around, who knows what kind of insects they travel with. Has the fever gone down any? Are the bumps turning red or getting any larger? Any change in color, rings around them?

  5. that is very scary. doc in teh am is what I would be doing unless he gets worse at night hope the little guy isn't in pain anymore

  6. wow, scary. i hate feeling helpless. never felt more helpless before having kids. hope he's feeling better tomorrow.

  7. His fever is down slightly in the last hour or so from 103 to 101. The nurse said they don't need to see him about the fever unless it hasn't broken by Monday. Monday?!? Oy.

    But, he had another attack of hives on the opposite side of his face this afternoon. If he has one more attack before tomorrow morning they will see him.

    And, he's pretty much refusing all food or beverages.

    Poor dude.

  8. Verdict: Hand Foot Mouth Virus. (sigh)


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