Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring has Sprung

Spring has sprung out here on the East Coast and we are soaking up every last ray of sunshine. It's supposed to start raining tomorrow and continue on thru the weekend, but until then we are doing the playground as much as we possibly can.

Some of my favorite moments:

Liam and this other little dude, Mitchell, decided that they alone would re-locate or remove all of the mulch from the play area. I was actually stunned that they never tried to bury each other with it.

The playground that we went to has a slide with several bumps in it and as Liam hit the first one he flipped over every single time. Perhaps he'll be an Olympic snowboarder creating tricks on the fly.

When he saw a bench a good 1/4 mile away (near a baseball field) that he just had to go see, only to play on it for a minute before needing to go back and see "the kids".


  1. His expression is like "Oh mom, not again with that camera thingy" Too cute

  2. Yeah, I think it's actually. "Mamma, please back up. You are far too close and I have a rep to protect." it's always "away" "self" "away". I wonder where he gets that independent streak??

  3. Lol, where could he possibly get that independent streak from???


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