Sunday, March 7, 2010


I should have know that my morning wasn't going to be the "pulled together" act I had mentioned yesterday when I walked outside to see our newspaper sitting on the roof of my car.

I was rockin' it out to the "Chicago" soundtrack (hard core, I know) and perhaps accelerating while I belted out the lyrics. I wasn't totally aware of my speed until after I saw the flash of a speed camera. All, I can hope for at this point is that someone was going faster than me. Personally I think a speed camera mounted to an off-duty State vehicle shouldn't really count. If they can't even wrangle a real speed camera, shouldn't I get a pass??

After, I arrived in DC for the workshop I was attending I thought I'd check things over before I went in. Checked my planner for the room location and then realized with a sinking sensation in my stomach that the documents I was supposed to bring along with my laptop were more than an hour away, at home, chilling on my couch with a few of their closest friends.(sigh) I spent 4 hours over the course of the day yesterday compiling things and 2 of those hours were non-stop sorting and bunching things in the appropriate piles.

It turns out, that we didn't really need them to much for the workshop I was attending. Whew. It just leaves me more work this week to do in and around my regular stuff.

And, now it's sunny and fairly warm considering our weather as of late. So, I'm stoked that things are turning around.

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