Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Help the Zoo

The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore is something we stumbled upon when we had family in town last March. It was always one of those things we saw signs for, but never seemed to make it down too.

Then, last March my mother and oldest brother came in for a visit and we decided to take a trek down to Druid Hill for Samson's (our zoo's baby elephant) 1st Birthday party. We had a wonderful time. So much so that we purchased a membership on site and we have never for a second regretted it. My son, Liam and I went to the zoo often last year, nearly once a week at times and always had a fantastic time. We took friends, organized group outings and always had a blast. Our favorite parts changed as our son grew up and learned to take in the zoo in new and different ways.

Near the end of the summer he fell in love with the Vultures. He would see them with their bald heads sticking out in the breeze and laugh a laugh that came all the way from his toes. I can't wait until we can see them this year, now that he's talking. I hope he finds them just as entertaining and that he can tell me what exactly is so darn funny about them.

On our last visit of the season, we met with a Keeper who was showcasing the Screech Owl and he quickly found a place in my heart. I look forward to seeing and learning all about him this year.

Once in the early part of the year, we went in the middle of a pouring down rainstorm and throughly enjoyed seeing the animals in the rain. I had the little guy in a backpack carrier and an umbrella over both of us. We loved seeing how the penguins reacted to the rain. They were squawking and honking at each other, clearly having the times of their lives. Liam still makes the same "honking" sound if you ask him what sound a penguin makes.

We had a wonderful year full of amazing memories. A year where in each passing picture of him sitting on a turtle in the Maryland area you can see how much he grew. A year full of love and experiences that culminated with an amazing up-close and personal visit with the penguins at the Holiday Breakfast. We would be lost without our zoo. Our future spring, summer and fall seasons would be lacking if we did not have this wonderful Baltimore institution to ground memories in.

The twin blizzards of 2010 have wreaked havoc on our zoo and they are in desperate need of help. If you can donate anything from a dollar to a hundred dollars, they would appreciate anything at all. And, if you are looking for a great way to create endless memories for your family, please think about a gift membership.

You can give here.


  1. What a fantastic post - lots of love and humor here. I am so happy the Zoo has such wonderful members! (We are members too, but I am not lauding myself here...)

  2. Hip Hip Hooray! Glad to hear you a member and that you enjoyed the post.

    Go Zoooooo.


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