Friday, February 19, 2010

Case of the Stoopids

It is my contention that everyone gets taken down by a case of the "stupids" from time to time. And, man I must've been dreaming about being first in line 'cuz they smacked me upside the head this morning.

I "bought",and I use that term loosely (since, I used credit cards points to obtain it) a camera late last fall. Immediately, I was mega-unimpressed with the shutter speed and have really only used it to capture video since. To be honest, even my use of video on the thing is very sporadic.

Now, the little man and I are flying out to the middle of the country to visit my folks tomorrow for a week while the hubs is out-of-state for training. The thought of my very mobile child and my very weighted down backpack with little room in it for much else has caused me re-evaluate taking our fancy schmancy camera and camcorder and instead opting in favor of this camera with video capabilities that I bought last fall.

As a note, I am super impatient with the mail, packages, etc. I must open everything as soon as I have the letters or whatnot in my possession. So, when I received said camera mentioned above I had to take it with me to work so I could check it out. I promptly stuffed the box under the passenger seat where it lived until this morning.

All that to bring you to this morning when I knew that this camera was either out of juice or dangerously close and would need a "charge". Having not any earthly idea where the charger was I figured I'd go get the box out of my car and see if it was in there. No charger was found in the box, one cord for transferring straight from the camera to the computer, some other cord I'll never know it's function and random packing stuff. So, I took the stuff out and put it back into the box like 15 times apparently in hopes that if I did this enough times the charger would magically appear. After coming to terms with the fact that that was not likely to happen I had the rather intelligent idea of looking at the manual to see if it showed a picture of the charger so I'd know what to go on a goose chase for.

Then, on Page 2, there it was...a picture of a battery compartment and 2 AA batteries. I stared at the picture for a good minute shell shocked. Imagine that, a battery compartment where you put batteries?? Still in disbelief I turned the camera upside down, slide the compartment, and sure enough all it needed was 2 AA batteries.

I haven't been using this thing for months because I didn't know where the charger was...and all it needed was a few measly batteries.

Most definitely a case of the "stoopids"!


  1. Hee hee. You won't ever forget to look for a battery compartment again! Have a safe and fun trip. Please tell your folks we said hi!

  2. Consider it done.

    And, yes I will always look for a battery door FIRST.


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