Thursday, February 18, 2010

Death By...

Death by...

...if you had asked me at 5:45am this morning to complete the sentence above I would surely have answered, Death by helicopter.

Not the kind that actually flies, but the "Little People" version. This morning I was feeling uber-productive and my son was still asleep so I took to rearranging some furniture. Namely taking a couple of end tables downstairs for some storage until the little dude outgrows some of his toys. Because, his toys, tents, etc. have taken over our living room. So I picked one of the tables up and turned around to find my bare foot stepping onto a helicopter subsequently making me lurch forward and nearly tumbling down the stairs all while firmly gripping the table. It escapes me, why I didn't toss the table. It all ended well..but barely.

However, if you had asked me at 10:30am to complete the statement above, I would have answered unequivocally, Death by embarrassment.

This morning we had a bazillion errands to run as we are leaving town this Saturday to go visit my folks in the Midwest. One of the errands was to JCPenney's to use a free $10 coupon. (Hooray for free!) Anywho, we were walking towards the kids section and were passing the intimate apparel department when Liam saw a bra and said, "Mammas!". I said, "Right, that's just like mamma's underwear.". And, then he shouted, " MAMMA'S!!" (pause) "BOOBS!!" while pointing at another bra. All this in front of the 20 or so employees standing around having some sort of pow wow.

I. Could. Have. Died.

Have no fear young grasshopper, I'm sure Mamma will embarrass you like this some day too.

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