Friday, February 26, 2010

Crunchless in B'more

"This is the story of the Facebook Flake.
All I wanted was cookies for goodness sake.
So said, "No prob, they'll be right there."
"Do you want chocolate circles or PB Squares?"

And then my cookies fell off the earth.
There isn't a price for that chocolate's worth.
So, now I'm left without a sweet treat.
And, you have to read my sad little beat."

A few weeks ago, probably more like a month and some ago I saw on the "status update" line of a Facebook acquaintance that their daughter was struggling with the door-to-door Girl Scout cookie sales. And, I was all.."Um, I like cookies". And, she was all "Really, I'd be happy to send them to you, what flavors do you dig?". And, I was all "Sa-weet I dig me some Thin Mints...and, Trefoils...and Savannahs...and on and on and on. Hook. Me. Up.". Then I didn't hear any more, but I didn't worry because that's a lot of boxes to check off and then double check like Santa Claus the night before the big ride.

So, here I am in up in B'more waiting for my crunchity-goodness to arrive not thinking I should even be alarmed when I start seeing other posts by people "Oh my goodnessing." and "These cookies are heaven." and "I got a wicked crunch-a-licous cookie in my mouth." statuses show up left and right on my wall. And, a girl...this girl started to get concerned.

"Yo, where's my crunchity cookies at?"

So, I'm stuck in a holding pattern. Maybe she didn't see my order message. Maybe she thinks she's doing a cookie intervention? And, maybe my mail carrier went cookie postal???

Any way you look at it, it doesnt' look like I'm gonna crunch any time soon.....(sigh)


  1. Awww I am sorry Alissa. Next time someone at work sells girlscout cookies I will let you know!

  2. Oooo thanks. As luck would have it the next day we happened by a Lowe's with some girl scouts out selling cookies. Yum!


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