Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Most Wonderful Day of the Year

Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday, no contest.

I've always loved the festive nature of it from the tiny conversation hearts that I used as part of my wedding vows to the fact that my mom used to wake up extra early to set out a red placemat for each of us with some sort of trinket and candy playfully displayed on.

For my husband I realized that could be a lot of pressure and so I've planned a lot of our Valentine celebrations from fancy dinners out to cozy relaxing nights in.

As a mother I am now excited to share this holiday and new traditions with my son. We've been cranking out the Valentine's Day crafts, we even made our microwave smoke one day (whoops-a-daisy). Among the crafts and chocolate, I've been inspired to think about sending out Valentine Cards instead of Christmas cards next year. A little less hustle and bustle for us, and an unexpected bit of fun mail for our family and friends. We'll see if I can part with the Christmas Card tradition when the time comes, I suppose.

In the meantime, here are a bunch of super adorable Valentine's Day Greeting Cards I'd love to personalize from the fabulous folks at Tiny Prints and hand out to Liam's class this year.

You know every boy in his class would swoon over these! Every Monday on our way to the nature center we have to build in at least an extra 45 minutes to stop at two separate construction sites to watch the diggers, dumpers and cranes do all of their magic moving, lifting and dumping. In fact at the Type-A parent conference last year I caught myself strolling past a construction site and (gasp) waving at the guys out of habit. They must have laughed about that "crazy lady" all day.

Batman is our little guy's favorite and I think he might just decide to keep all of these cards to himself. A little boy down our block is often out and about in full Batman regalia and so Liam would very much like his own superhero wardrobe. These cards would most certainly top his list.

Dino-love! When it rains on a school day, Liam gets to go out to lunch. Some weeks this gets a little pricey, but it's a super fun tradition. A pizza place that he often chooses has the little toy machines where if he eats his meal he is rewarded with a quarter or two to spend at his discretion. Most weeks he chooses a dino of one sort or another, one that we affectionately call "baby dino" gets toted around to and fro routinely. For something so tiny, I can't believe we haven't lost it yet.

And, one last card to make the parents swoon with nostalgia. The kids might pass this one by, but I'm sure it would bring at least a small smile to most of his classmate's parents. Perhaps that smile will distract them from the sugar I gave their child with the Valentine.

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Disclosure: Tiny Prints compensated me with 50 cards for this review. However,  the opinions expressed in this review are mine and mine alone and were in no way influenced by Tiny Prints.

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