Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pay It Forward {Day 19/Year 2}


In large part his was my pay it forward today.

I was patient and did not turn around and speak to the little girl who kicked my seat HARD all throughout our viewing of Happy Feet Two (You should totally go see it.) tonight.

I did not tell the woman who used her cell phone to play a word game for 20 minutes during the movie to turn. it off.

I was patient as I was told a whole bunch of nonsense from a customer service representative on the phone tonight. Because, while I didn't like what she was saying, she doesn't make the policies. She's just doing her job on a Saturday night and she's probably not compensated well for enforcing their (insert your favorite expletive here) policies.

I just want to spend my money with your company, please make this easier. Thank-you-very-much!

In addition to practicing my skills in the 'being patient' department I also spent an hour commenting on Facebook tonight. I'm not on all that often any more and when I am on I often opt for the lazy "like" option instead of a full blown comment. Tonight, I took the time to be...well....SOCIAL.

It felt good to connect with people that I am connected to in one way or another in real life. Different from blogging or Twitter or even my blog Facebook account...I have met every single person on my personal Facebook account and it was nice to see what is happening in their lives in this calm before the storm that is the soon-to-be whirlwind of holidays.

Have you gotten into the habit of just clicking the "like" button in lieu of comments on Facebook?

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