Friday, November 4, 2011

Pay It Forward {Day 4/Year 2}

It's tempting to try and plan out ways to Pay It Forward every day, but I remember from last year that sometimes it's best to just be on the constant lookout for the opportunity to "do good".  I noticed several times today how good it feels to be looking for opportunities to pay it forward. It's one of the chief reasons that I decided to do this again for a second year. It just changes your my outlook for the better.

All that to say, that while I had an idea in mind for today I did look for other opportunities as well. A good friend of mine has been working tirelessly on the committee for a conference that I will be attending this weekend, she's even had to back out of some really fun things--(because she's awesome) and really did some amazing work on this conference.

She was really intrigued by the candy infused vodka that I made last weekend, so I made hers look a little more refined in these fancy flat mason jars and took it to give to her at the conference.

After about 30 minutes we finally saw each other and I held out the gift bag. Initially she asked if the bag was something someone else had asked me to drop off. When I told her that wasn't the case, she asked if there was any chance that it was candy infused vodka....and voila. Yes! Yes it was!

I was glad to bring a little sunshine to her stressful day and to see her enjoying some of it before the night was over.

I have also been meaning to give a shout out to Kelli over at Momma Needs A Beer who saw on Tuesday (the first day of my Pay It Forward project) that I was two followers away from 1,000 on Twitter and she very kindly tweeted out for her followers to give me a little "follow love" and help me break the milestone. Sure enough, buy the end of the day I was at 1,002. Thanks, Kelli!

The rest of this weekend should be a challenge as I am at non-blogging related conference and will be in sessions most of the day. I look forward to the challenge.

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