Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pay It Forward {Day 17/Year 2}

Today was brought to you via the pint size pay it forward.

My goal for the day was to teach my son the lesson of paying it forward.

We pulled into a new-to-us nature center this morning, and with no prompting from me he shouted, "Who are we giving chocolate to here?"

He's been learning some by osmosis it seems, but we set off to the mall playground with the intention of teaching him a bit more directly.

After a romp or two around the whale and bridge and 67 games of hide-and-seek with a new friend we set out to find the candy machines. Normally they are right next to the play area to maximize profit, but as there are a lot of new kiosks for the holiday season they had been relocated. We went in search and I let Liam have one quarter worth of candy for himself and then we placed quarters in every single machine on the kiosk for the next people.

After lunch I let him stop by the local candy shop in the mall and get one chocolate for himself and one for his dad. He had fun wrapping up the chocolate and we wrote "To: Daddy, Love, Liam" on it. He had fun picking out just the right one for himself and for his dad. He's a giving kid and shares easily, it something I really admire in him.

Although when he did give it to Tim, he really thought that Tim should share half of it back with him.

Chocolate is so hard to share, isn't it?

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