Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pay It Forward {Day 15/Year 2}

Today involved Random Acts of Chocolate, how fun is that?

My inspiration for today's Pay It Forward came from Jen over at Hey Y'all (who is also participating in NaBloPoMo) and this Random Acts of Kindness post that she had come across.

I decided to up the ante from candy canes to Ghiradelli chocolate and only this morning before we left for Liam's school did the "melting" factor of my idea occur to me. Fortunately for us it ended up staying cool and very cloudy all day today.

We decided to drop off our little bits of sweetness on the way home from Liam's school. While it would have been easy to just go down the row of parallel parked cars I decided that doing so would have limited the geographical scope of goodness, so we spent 30 minutes driving around different neighborhoods and sliding the treats under windshield wipers.

*I also volunteered in his classroom today which I think counts as a Pay It Forward as well. It helps the teachers to have another set of hands and the students to have someone else to help them out when needed too.*

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