Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pay It Forward {Day 10/Year 2}


Do you have a list of intentions somewhere?

Perhaps along the lines of I'm going to send Suzy Q a thank you card? And Johnny...and Margaret...and Sofia?

Ooh and I need to pick up a congrats card for Michael...and Sebastian....and Donna?

A list of handwritten things or small jobs that you need to accomplish that you continually push to the very bottom of your "to do" list?

Not really intentionally, it's just that more pressing issues in life trump their place on the never ending "to do" list.

It happens to me more often that it should and certainly more often than before I had kids. Most definitely even more now that I have a kid who doesn't nap.

So today I drafted some notes and cards in my own handwriting and put them in envelopes and I'll send them on their merry way tomorrow.

There is something more awesome about a handwritten note than an email. It's nice to get mail as an adult that isn't a bill and it's nice to know that someone sat down and took the time to write it. I hope that in some small way this brings a smile to the recipient's faces and that it adds some levity to their day that they might pass on to others.

Do you write handwritten notes any more?

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