Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Week In My Life: Tuesday

All this week I'll be doing my best to show you what a week in our life looks like on a day-to-day basis. Come play along by linking up over at Adventuroo. (She's the mastermind behind this.)

Today I was woken up by a toddler nudging my midsection like a goat. Using the crown of his head he just keep pushing and headbutting me until I woke up. See how this whole finding a new way to wake me up every day thing is kinda fun? No. Ah well, it works for us.

After we got ready for school, both of us, since I was the room mom today, he bolted for the front door as he does every Tuesday and Wednesday morning. Seeing the trash/recycling guys come are the best part of his morning both days.

Of course I left enough time to grab the bold, the beautiful, the tasty Diet Coke on our way to school.

Then it was off to school. Unfortunately the other two moms who were to be working alongside me today had sick children. So I was needed to do more than the usual and Liam really struggled with it. I do think it was good for him to really have to "share" me and I worked to find a few moments of quality time with him amidst the chaos.

Then it was off to a quick lunch (mostly for the Lion King lunch bag) before heading downtown to the B & O Railroad Museum.

A little side of Murphy's Law kicked in when my kid who won't nap for anything anymore, fell asleep a few minutes out from the museum.

If you are looking for a cheap vacation with your family, I'd definitely suggest Baltimore in October. The city puts on Free Fall Baltimore and there are literally hundreds of events that have free admission during the month. Everything from museums and shows, to exhibitions and concerts...with a little of just about everything else thrown in as well. We went to the museum today for FREE as part of this program.

We ran into a good friend down there. Always a plus.

He both took and orchestrated exactly what I should look like in this shot.

A little love action. It should be noted that today one should not "love him more than cookies and banana creams". Today you should say, "I love you more than bubbies (pacis) and blankies." Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Thought we had a flat, but it just turned out to be really low tire pressure. Whew!

Needed a thing or two from Target. So we took a leisurely stroll thru the toy section to test out everything that had a button you could push. This is one of our favorite things to do, especially on rainy days.

Around St. Patrick's Day I had tweeted out a message soliciting ideas for things to do with a toddler and @danielleliss responded with "shamrock hunting". How fantastic and FREE is that?! So we use it at every holiday. Currently we are "Pumpkin Hunting" while we drive places. If you are the first person to find them you can yell out a "WOOT! WOOOT!". Be careful though as Liam does not tolerate exclaiming that way for anything other than pumpkins or Halloween decorations.

Then we came home to make mini-pizzas, which turned into the nightly battle of "I-Don't-Care-If-You-Make-Me-Sit-Here-All-Night." "I'M-NOT-EATING!!!!". #Ugh

After I tucked him in I watched the second episode of New Girl via On Demand.

Tuned into #weekinmylife over on Adventuroo's blog and I am proud to say that I have commented on almost every post. I have them all open in tabs and will get to the last few before I open "Tuesdays" posts.

That was my Tuesday in a nutshell. What mischief did you find?

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