Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Week In My Life: Recap

They say better late than never, no?

Here's what I learned from the Week In My Life experiment I did a few weeks ago.

Documenting an entire week in my life was a lot more fun and a lot more exhausting than I though it would be.

I'm glad I did it. I can't wait to see how different my life will be next year. Mel, you will be doing this next year won't you??

It was a good primer for National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) which I will be participating in again this November. (More about that later.)

The late-night-end-of-the-day blogging came back to me all to easily.

I used my camera more. All but one day I took our DSLR with me (that I don't really know how to use). Taking my "big" camera with me everywhere was less cumbersome than I had imagined. I learned how to transfer the photos from the camera to my computer, a skill that I had obviously been putting off for years. It was way less painful than I imagined.

I learned that "Have Stroller Will Travel" is the mantra of my life, but not so much of my blog. I'm not quite sure why that is or how exactly it happened--but I know I don't want to blog that way. I've purchased a few domains and have big plans for the New Year. I've been talking about change for some time and yet I've been slow to move as I didn't know which way to focus myself. I feel clear and positive about where I am headed now.

My husband immensely enjoyed the series. I hadn't expected the reaction from him as he IS part of my everyday. What I/we had failed to see is that in our "transfers" of child care duties there was a lot of the everyday that was getting lost in translation. I'm so very glad that he got to see our daily lives on a granular level. For that I am incredibly grateful to Mel for hosting this project.

I learned that although I hadn't been taking my daily wake-up calls for granted, I should treasure them more. It was by and far YOUR favorite part of the project. I will not take them lightly. I will pause and savor the moment. I will realize that this too shall pass. And, I'll remember that I wouldn't trade "now" for anything....not even a few extra zzzzs.

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