Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Life Faltering

I am faltering in so very many many areas of life lately and it's most clearly evident here on the blog. I pride myself on my near daily blogging. I love reading and sharing in the great posts of others. In passing along good content, good deals and just plain fun in all aspects of social media (blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc).

But, I'm not. I'm obviously absent from so many areas and yet it all stems from my commitment to abstain from technology while Liam is awake.

I look around playgrounds, story times, nature hikes, and athletic games and all I see are kids looking back at the top of their parents' heads while the parents stare unabashedly into their little glowing pieces of plastic, engrossed with people who are somewhere else.

This is not the experience I want for Liam. I want him to be engaged with others and when he looks back to check in I want him to see ME looking at HIM. I want him to know that HE is important enough to ENGAGE with, to PARTICIPATE with..to know that he is enough.

And, so things may lag here for awhile as I continue to figure out how to balance my role as a mother, as an income earner and as a blogger. But, know that I miss this community. I miss chatting and relating with each of you.

For now...and hopefully for always my FAMILY needs to come first.

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