Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Speckled Buddy

As parents we know our children will grow and change both physically and mentally. The good, the bad and the indifferent are all phases that will pass into something else. In fact, I think that is the defacto mantra of many a parent, "This Too Shall Pass." And, while this growth is inevitable, it usually takes us on this journey slowly. So slowly in fact that we might not even notice the transition from one phase to the next.

However, Liam has started to develop freckles and they have totally taken me by surprise. It started Easter weekend on the car trip up north when I noticed one on his leg and then another and another. By the trip back down a few days later he had developed two more on his face. Every single day those two, which are now three on his face take me by surprise. It's like with the advent of these speckles he has stopped being a baby or even a toddler and become his own person. It serves as this daily reminder that he is his own person and will develop at his own pace.

The question now is whether he will be heavily freckled like his Uncle Brian, moderately freckled like his dad or kinda freckled like his mamma??

What changes in your children have taken you by surprise?

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