Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pay It Forward.


The woman who inspired me to get back to a computer and start blogging again.

The blogging that started this humble blog.

That has led me to meet so many of you.

She and her husband Arthur have lost everything.

Sunday morning at 2am their house burned down.

They lost not only their house, but their car too.

And, their most beloved cat Sylvester.

They got out with only each other.

If you have a dollar or two or ten to give, DO!

They have lost a lifetime of memories...of keepsakes.

Their foundation has been shattered.

Please be part of building them back up.

Take this one moment, to pay it forward.

**Donations: At this time they are unsure of their needs, but they will be displaced for a considerable number of months. Please consider sending a gift card of any denomination. All cards can be sent to Alissa Enders, Attn: Fire Fund, PO Box 43283, Nottingham, MD 21236-0283. I will not open any envelopes marked FIRE FUND, I will simply compile them and send one package on to Elizabeth and Arthur.

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