Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm Breaking Up With Me

I'm no masochist, but there is something therapeutic about a good break-up that's missing from my marriage.

Do you remember the break-up following your first love? Or perhaps the break-up with from the dude you were seeing while you were really getting your groove on in the professional world?

Doesn't really matter when, where or how the break-up happened. It doesn't even matter if it was your first or your fortieth (whoa there).

What's important is, do you remember the feeling after the heartbreak and endless sobbing? I suppose in today's world that might also include the tireless cyber-stalking to see if they are as heart broken as you are.

After the crest of the loss and the fact that you will actually live through it...you start to decide to kick a little ass and take names. That my friends is when you get yourself some killer heels, a new 'do, maybe you even start shaving your legs on a regular basis again. It's a "Hello World, I'm single...stand up and take notice!" moment you when you really begin to take pride in yourself. You walk a little taller, you spend more than 7 seconds picking out your outfit, and maybe even dash a little mascara on those beautiful lashes of yours.

For me, somewhere between getting married and having kids I stopped seeing the beauty of me. So, I'm done...I'm throwing in the towel and I'm breaking up with me!

Watch out world, because here I come...I'm going to continue being a good wife and a good mom, but I'm also going to start being good to me.

Won't you do the same?

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