Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day: 6 Things

6 Things I Love About Tim

1) He knows his son. I do not have to leave him detailed lists of what to feed Liam, when to put him down, what his favorite xyz things are. He knows. He is not a father who
"babysits" his child. He is a father (period).

2) He will NOT tell me I look good or cute in something unless he absolutely believes it. Sometimes it means the compliments are few and far between....but I'd take that any day over ones that aren't sincere.

3) The sound of his laugh. It's infectious and if you can make him laugh unexpectedly, that particular laugh is my favorite.

4) How excited he gets to share things from his own childhood with Liam. Everything from Matchbox cars to Star Wars toys that now come in the same packaging they did when he was a kid. Which leads me to...

5)...the fact that he is an excellent "player". (No, not that kind.) He will get down and play blocks, legos, cars, games...anything at a moments notice with Liam. Playing that way isn't something that comes naturally to me, so I have so much respect for someone who does it so easily.

6) I have proof everyday of what an amazing role model Tim is to Liam by how Liam behaves to his baby "Peapod". Liam shares with her, wraps her up in his favorite blanket and sings her to sleep, reads books to her, shares his paci and shows her incredible amounts of love.

Happy Father's Day, Tim!

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