Sunday, May 15, 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: The Weekend That Didn't Happen

This weekend we wallowed in land of the "didn't". Last night we didn't go camping as planned because a storm was predicted and the last place I wanted to be at 3am was the middle of a muddy field with a screaming almost 3 year old trying to take down a tent and not wake the entire group assembled at our nature center for the spring family camp out.

When I woke this morning I saw that there was probably little to no reason to have not gone and from the sound of it right now, the storm will be tonight instead.

Then tonight after I got out from work we were to meet up with some friends for dinner, but as I neared thier house I got a frantic call from the hubs about that same almost three year old with a very high fever. So, I came home ot do the mommy once over and it was officially we weren't going over to see friends and have the buddy play with his buddies.

We were rounding out the weekend of "didn't" with Curious George, Open Season and a box of popsicles, apple juice and a healthy dose of snuggles.

Maybe next weekend will be the weekend of the DID!

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