Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tiny Prints {Review}

Blog conference season is upon us! It seems every weekend there is some sort of fabulous happening in the blogosphere. I am lucky to be attending Type-A Parent and BlogHer this year and I can barely contain my excitement.

Amongst the fabulous workshops, parties and expo halls lies the holy grail of blogging (to me at least) the opportunity to meet and network with other bloggers. The connections I made to other bloggers and with great brands were the absolute highlight of BlogHer '10 for me. With so many people and so little time business cards are an absolute must!

I loved that when I came back home from the conference I was able to review the cards and check out gobs of new blogs, Twitter accounts and Facebook pages.

All that to say that when Tiny Prints contacted me to review some of their super stylish business cards, I couldn't say YES fast enough. In addition to my obsession with business cards for blogging I also go through a fair number for work (interpreting) and I always like to keep my look distinct.

The classiness of Tiny Prints is what intrigued me most. I also loved that several people I trust look to Tiny Prints for great quality products. At one of my son's friends first birthday parties, a fellow mom could not say enough fabulous things about the adorable invitations that she had ordered from Tiny Prints. A co-worker of mine had recently ordered baby shower invites where she couldn't get the photo just right, and she was ecstatic that the designer at Tiny Prints fixed what she could not and sent her a proof just to make sure that everything was correct.

I have to say that my experience with them was also wonderful. I knew that since my blog has a dark background, I also wanted a business card that had the same feel. It took me awhile playing around with the options provided to find a card with colors available that would work with the existing color palette on my blog. But, it was worth the time as I am thrilled with the result. Just like my co-worker I received an email proof confirming my product before it was sent to the printers. I loved the personal touch of having a designer double check things for me. This isn't something that I have experienced with other on-line business card companies.

The cards arrived in a cute little Tiny Prints themed box and were very securely packed. I was impressed with the richness of the colors on my cards as well as the sturdiness of the paper.

If you are at Type-A Parent or BlogHer this year, you'll have to come say hello and snag a card.

[Disclosure: Tiny Prints provided me a 100 business cards for review purposes. The opinions expressed in this review are mine and mine alone and were in no way influenced by Tiny Prints.]

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